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50% New Blog Manager Changed

New test post. Here is a basic QA for the new blog manager.

Bright shiny buttons ooooh O_O

What are we going to do?


I am unable to double click in the space between this text and the video below to open the text editor and apply pre-formatting like alignment before adding text.

What about them bullets though?

  • Added bullets

  • Increase Indent works 1x

  • No mas? I Try to increase indent and took some work, but here it is.

Okay you win this time batman.

Changing the scheduled post time was a bit frustrating or not very obvious, but not sure if it is my microsoft surface, my brain at the moment, or wix to blame. Image alignment looks nice here in the editor, but on the live site the post does not look good.

My video did not publish to the live site on first try, but it may be protected. Re added and works now.


Really liking the update myself and we didn't get any calls today during the 50% release that stared today. The media is understandably the slowest part of the process and many users and I speak with and I miss the search function. Seems up to date with our design and very easy and responsive upon first impression.


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